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Our History

Throughout the process of manufacturing hair-care products in Negin Behdasht Aryan Co., one of the major challenges for maintaining and improving the quality of the products was acquisition of high quality raw material. Hence, the shareholders of Aryan Group determined to establish a company and build a plant to produce the raw material for cleaning industry with unrivaled quality. As a result, Shokoofa Shimi Aryan Co., the second company in Aryan Group was established in 2012.
Following a series of research and consultation with domestic and international Industrialists, the complex of Shokoofa Shimi Aryan factories comprising of a Sulphonation unit equipped with the most modern Ballestra technology from Italy, and an Oleo-chemical unit was established in Eyvanakey Industrial Park in Semnan province in an area of 12,000 square meters.

Quality control and R & D departments of Shokoofa Shimi Aryan Co. in the laboratory complex with an area of 1000 square meters are equipped with the latest & most modern instruments and pilot systems. And relying on the knowledge and capabilities of the professional experts, they have managed to achieve the technical knowledge needed to manufacture high quality products beyond the required standards, and ensure the quality of the products by continuous control and monitoring.
The managers of Shokoofa Shimi Aryan Co. are all experts in the cleaning industry with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing similar products. As a result of this experience and the acquired knowledge and expertise, and also the close cooperation between the production and quality control departments the company has achieved its primary goals in producing top quality materials far beyond the standard. Relying on the quality of its products from the very beginning, Shokoofa Shimi Aryan Co. has succeeded in gaining a significant share of the consumer markets in neighboring countries.

The capacity of production and storage of raw materials and products of Shokoofa Shimi Aryan Co. are as follows:
1. Average production capacity in Sulfonation unit: 18,000 tons per year
2. Average production capacity in Oleo-chemical unit: 4,500 tons per year
3. Storage capacity for various raw materials in tanks: 5,740 tons in bulk
4. Storage capacity for raw materials and products besides tanks and tank farm: 5,940 cubic meters
5. Storage capacity for various products in tanks: 2,845 tons